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About us

Get to know our company


Kelit mining is a duly registered Ghanaian mining company, focused on Mining -Mining equipment, rental, logistics, engineering services, general trading.

Our long-term mining goal is to be a leading, sustainable and efficient gold producer. Our focus is to have a maximum level of transparency in dealing with government authorities.

Management’s competence is dependent on trust and support from all stakeholders, including, employees, suppliers, contractors, local community and government. We are dedicated to the highest standards of sustainability and integrity.

Our mining team consists of experienced resource executives who have worked for junior and major resource companies and are directed and supported by a Board with a wide range of experience. Kelit mining has a corporate culture focused on maximizing the core value of its assets and maintaining focus on value-added exploration activities consists of members with a rich experience in mining.

We are committed to the socio-economic development of Ghana and the communities surrounding our operations and place sustainable development as integral to the way we do business. We aim to adopt a collaborative approach to build a solid relationship and develop mutually beneficial partnership and opportunities with strong commitment across our team and with stakeholders.

The health and well-being of our people is central to our approach to business and we are committed to ensuring we maintain a safe workplace for our employees and contractors. Kelit aims to comply with all environmental requirements and minimize the impact of its activities in the areas in which it operates and to engage in an open and collaborative manner with all stakeholders, to ensure our activities are in line with the expectations and requirements of the communities in which we operate.

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